Scott & James Instant Hot water taps

3 & 4 In 1 Hot Water Taps

Coming complete with a boiler and filter, our Scott and James Instant hot water taps deliver up to 1.9 litres of water at a temperature of up to 98 degrees, perfect for that cup of tea or for speeding up the process of cooking rice or pasta, all whilst under the control of a child safe handle.

The routine hot and cold water for washing up is also available from the secondary handle.

For the 4 in 1 Hot water tap, turn the secondary handle 90 degrees towards you to deliver filtered drinking water to quench that thirst.

What bar pressure is right for me?

Are you unsure on how bar pressure will affect your household? Well, certain taps need more pressure than others to flow at the same rate. For any of our taps, a pressurised water heater system will provide enough water pressure, however an unpressurised water heater system may not.

What you will need to do is calculate the pressure before choosing a tap that has a minimum requirement – if you don’t then there is the possibility that it might not work properly. To do this, measure how far the water tank is above the tap in metres and divide by 10. This will give you the water pressure in bars. Please note that any bends or junctions in the pipework will reduce the pressure.

If you are still unsure on your calculations, check with your plumber. You can increase the water pressure by adding a separate water pump.

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